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Choose an online news source and find an article that appeals to you. The article must be related to Economics. The Article should be at least 4 paragraphs long and have enough “information” to summarize and add your own opinion to it. The article must be dated after 1-18-2022. You must comment on at least 2 of your classmates posts.
The article can be from a local, state, national or world website.
*** NO sports, entertainment, gossip or advertisement kinds of articles.***
2. Read the article to make sure you understand what it is talking about. Take time to talk about the article with a classmate or relative.
3. Write 2-3 paragraphs summarizing the article. Be sure to include factual information included in your summary.
Make sure you state where you found your article (online source) – Provide a working link.
4. Include your opinion on the article. What did you think about the article? If the article made you feel a certain way, share your thoughts.
5. Some ideas to consider, depending on the type of article you choose:
– Do you agree / disagree with what is being said?
– Did you learn something new?
– Are you more informed about what is going on in your area, the nation, the world?
– Has the article inspired you?
– Does the article leave you wanting to “take action” and do something?
– Use Memo format
Click “Create Blog Entry” to post your assignment. Contact me if you have any questions.

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