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Directions: For the midterm paper, you will be submitting a case study. Simply stated, a case study is a research approach that involves in-depth examination of a single person. You have been assigned a particular health condition and patient profile. You will write a case study on that patient that covers the following items:
Patient’s health condition: Provide an overview of the patient and their health condition. Be sure to describe how the patient’s demographic characteristics (such as age, gender, race, etc.) may impact their health condition.
Patient’s risk factors: Explain what risk factors the patient should pay attention to, given their health condition.
Health promotion/disease prevention strategies: Describe what health promotion/disease prevention strategies may help the patient. Explain whether the strategies represent primary, secondary, or tertiary services and why.
Complementary and alternative medicine strategies: Explain what complementary or alternative medicine strategies may help the patient.
Submission checklist:
Your paper should be about 8 to 10 pages in length, double-spaced, use Times New Roman 12-point font, and with one-inch margins.
Be sure to answer each of the 4 items thoroughly with research from reputable sources including journal articles, major newspapers, and governmental agencies. You should reference at least 4 external research sources (one per item).
Support what you write with APA style in-text citations/references:
Do not copy-and-paste information. Instead, read through the information and summarize it in your own words.
Michael has struggled with feelings of sadness, since he was about 12 years old. He has witnessed a bit of domestic violence in his home, as his father has often battled unemployment and alcoholism. Michael has never quite fit in at school and has few friends. Now, at age 18, he finds himself socially isolated and unable to get out of bed to attend his first semester of college. He is not sure why he feels so down and unhappy. Michael’s mother has encouraged him to seek help as she too has struggled with sadness and has been in therapy for several years.

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