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*Attempt only two questions.
*Question # 1, Section A, is compulsory.
*Choose one more question from Section B.
*Keep your answers clear, concise and analytical.
*Address your responses to the specific demands of each question.
*Limit your answers to 4 (double-spaced, 12-pitch font) pages per question.
*Illustrate your answers with pertinent references, and cite key sources consulted.
*No haphazard submission of papers or excuses for late papers would be accepted.
* Your answer scripts must include questions chosen, your name, be in PDF and MLA format.
1) Discuss, with special attention to themes, narratives, and aesthetic features, how gender and
sexuality generate robust frameworks for social and creative interventions, in African Cinema.
2) Examine, incisively, the exquisite explorations of social milieus, identities, class, sexuality, eroticism, and potent modes of resistance in Rafiki and Visage des Femmes (Faces of Women).
3) With attention to each film’s unique setting and narrative strands, discuss the subversion of patriarchy and its tangled relationship to discourses of nation, in Xala and Virgin Margarida.
4) Noting the film’s vibrant framework, analyze, with nuances, the relationship between cultural formations, the femme fatale archetype, society and discourses of masculinities in Viva Riva!

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