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Each student will formally review a Canadian problem that you have found in a recent story (2020 to now) published in a Canadian newspaper (online or in print format). The newspaper article must be written by a journalist (and not be an opinion article). This problem will involve an injustice around an established “ism” s/he/they feel passionate about. Specifically, each student will identify a significant problem, the cause of the problem, and the change needed. The identified problem may be at a local, community, or national level. Use (at a minimum) 8 to 10 outside resources from established and credible sources (i.e. peer-reviewed journals and published books. Strictly web-based resources should be avoided, unless a strong argument can be made otherwise).
The review should be 8 double-spaced pages (not including title page ), in Times New Roman font, and include (at a minimum):
A brief introduction to where the problem was identified (which newspaper story)
A (researched) explanation of the problem and its causes
Further analysis of the problem from (Choose AT LEAST one) a/an:
Cultural, and/or
Political perspective
What changes or outcomes the student would like to see (based on research) as they relate to the espoused beliefs, values, and theories that inform Canadian culture
News article to be used:

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