For this discussion answer Units 7, 9, 11, 13, AND 15 to its entirety:
(UNIT 7)
Here is a scenario for you to consider and respond to:
You patronize a fast food franchise regularly, and today when you shopped there, you had to wait for the employee taking orders at the counter to finish what was clearly a personal cell phone call before taking your order.
As a customer, do you consider this acceptable? Briefly justify your position.
If you were the supervisor of the employee, would you feel the same way?
What activity or behavior have you seen in a commercial setting that would qualify as one of your “pet peeves”?
(UNIT 9)
Share with the class which motivation theory discussed in your readings most appealed to you and explain what it is about that theory that caused you to choose it.
After explaining what you feel are the strong points about that theory, provide a criticism of it. Where can you envision problems with it, either from a basic theoretical aspect, or applying it in the workplace?
If you have seen a motivation technique employed in your workplace with either good or bad results, feel free to share your observations. If so, please leave out names of individual or companies.
(UNIT 11)
Tell the class about an evaluation you had that stood out as being, in your opinion, very good or very bad. Please do not use any identifying information (no company names or last names), but share your impressions, and how you might use that experience to guide you when you are the person conducting the review in the future.
(UNIT 13)
Use the internet to identify a labor law case. Post your summary of the issues involved in the case and also your opinion of the outcome. In order to allow others to follow up on it, please copy and paste the URL of the website at the end of your post.
(UNIT 15)
This can be a sensitive issue, so please take extra care to express your viewpoint in a professional manner. Remember that people can disagree without being disagreeable, so if you choose to reply to someone whose viewpoint differs from your own, please do so appropriately.
Create a post describing your current viewpoint on unions in the U.S. Do you feel they serve a valuable purpose, are basically a poor idea or somewhere in the middle? Why do you feel this is the case? If you have been employed in a company where a union was active, you can relate that experience, but please do not use the names of either the company or the union.

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