Here is the rubric
Four stakeholders are identi!ed with speci!city and historical context, their positions are explored and analyzed with insightful claims, and they are placed into conversation with one another resulting in contextualization and analysis free from distracting or super”uous information. The essayist writes from an unbiased position, o#ering a clear picture of the full complexity of the issue.
The essay identi!es the di#erent types of stasis-level arguments being made by or on behalf of stakeholders, o#ering a clear and insightful analysis and characterization of the public debate and why it is unresolved.
The essay draws on and synthesizes at least 8 credible and relevant texts, at least three of which are peer reviewed. All in- text citations and Works Cited citations are present, sources are seamlessly integrated into the body of the paper with few or no errors, and the Works Cited page is correctly MLA formatted.
The essay is organized in an elegant way around a central thesis about why the issue is unresolved. The prose is clear, exhibiting a strong command over sentence structure and grammatical conventions.

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