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Insight and Inquiry: Essay Assignment
“He who can interpret what he has seen is a greater prophet than he who has simply seen it.”
St. Augustine
Your task for this assignment is to develop a thoughtful, well-organized essay that argues a compelling insight. Your essay should include:
A clearly stated, original thesis based on an interpretation of your research. Remember to push beyond the obvious and address a deeper ‘stake’ that demonstrates your insight and creativity.
Well developed and clearly articulated subtopics that explicitly develop and illustrate your insight. Your subtopics should be unified and clearly organized.
Support that closely unpacks and interprets the evidence you are examining. As much as possible, keep your focus on the details of the text. Be vivid and specific when making connections and develop ideas fully.
A strong sense of the conventions of form and structure for the essay.
Remember, the word ‘essay’ comes from the French verb ‘to try.’ Take risks in making your argument and be creative- your success here does not depend on making statements of certainty, but on taking uncertain, original insights and making them convincing and compelling through well organized, well articulated and well supported prose.
3 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 pt font
Title and title page
ALL rough work to be submitted with final draft, including: viewing notes, essay outline, peer editing, rough draft
Rough draft need to be done.

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