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Instructions: Our topic for this unit is Search, and we are going to discuss Search on the mobile device in this discussion. Although we have a later Unit on Mobile, we do not have a discussion in that unit, ( Unit 7), so I think a discussion on mobile is appropriate here. Remember everything you read in Chapter 4 is very important in telling you what a company must do to get their company high up on the Search Engine Research Pages. Now, since we know mobile is so important let’s talk about what companies are doing in mobile search to make the search experience on mobiles effective and user friendly. Find articles about the latest advancements in mobile search. What is new? What direction are companies taking to make sure their links are high up on the SERPs due to their mobile initiative. Incorporate examples from companies using Visual Search where appropriate, or the topic of Voice Based Commerce if you can find apparel and accessory brands using this as part of their strategy.
Remember, please do not use articles other students have already posted and discussed, and go beyond the articles I have posted.

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