Children develop within a complex web of family and social influences. In this assignment, you will apply the information from your reading and module activities to assess a child and their family for the purpose of developing a nursing care plan for the child you have chosen to study.
This can be a child from a clinical setting, or one you know from elsewhere. The paper should be 3-5 pages, not including title page and references. The document will have two primary sections (Data Collection and Nursing Process) in addition to your introduction and conclusion. Elements of academic writing are expected; APA format is required. An abstract is not required.
Data Collection
1. Child demographics
a. Age, race/ethnicity, religion and associated activities that the child considers an identifier (e.g. soccer player)
2. Individual factors
a. Current health status
b. Past medical/surgical/developmental and birth history
c. Health maintenance, medications, allergies, immunizations, safety measures used, activities and exercise, nutrition, sleep
3. Familial and hereditary diseases
4. Environmental factors
a. Psychosocial data, family composition, financial resources, home environment, community environment
i. Family structure
ii. Highest education level attained by adult members
iii. Employment status
iv. Stressors identified
v. Strengths identified
Clinical Judgement/Nursing Process
1. Assess data collection
2. Analyze information
a. Prioritize
b. Generate solutions
3. Plan interventions
4. Implement
5. Evaluate outcomes
a. Describe how interventions would be evaluated

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