Paper Overview
This is a formal writing assignment. There are three critical pieces that need to be presented:
1. A brief summary of an article.
2. An explanation of how the article relates to at least two topics that we have (by the time
the paper is turned in) discussed in class and how (i.e. not just that this relates to the
3. A focused response to an idea/claim from the article. Within the response, you will need
to use THREE additional sources that support your claim and ONE additional source that
provides a general overview of the topic. Just to be clear, that means 4 total sources.
Requirement for Completion of Assignment
Paper Specifics
 You need to write a paper that analyzes the Financial Times article “Fed to pivot to swift
action on inflation in face of rising prices”
 The paper needs to be 4-5 pages long, double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman
font. Use standard one-inch margins.
 I do not care what citation style you use as long as you appropriately cite your work.
 You need at least four sources that are not the Financial Times or your textbook. Your
other sources must be reputable publications. While the articles can be read online,
websites that do not have editorial standards are unacceptable. For example, an article
from The Economist web site is appropriate, but the Motley Fool is not – they spout
opinion, not researched topics. You should use the Allside’s Media Bias Chart
( to ensure that your sources are
credible and have limited bias.
 While you cannot count the article being summarized as a source, you will need to
reference/cite it because you will be using it. The same is true of Madura if you use it.
 Your References page does not count in the 4-5 pages required, nor does any charts or
tables you include in the text.
FIN 3244, Spring 2022
Paper Guidelines
 After the Reference Page, you need an Author Credentials sections, where you select one
author from your secondary sources and discuss who the author is, his/her educational
and professional background, any professional affiliations, and how these aspects lead to
his/her credibility as an author. Your Author Credentials section does not count in the 4-5
pages required. This section should be no longer than a page in length.
Paper Grading/Submission
**Note: I have one pet peeve as it applies to grammar in formal writing – DO NOT USE
CONTRACTIONS. If the paper contains contractions, it will result in a 5 point reduction for
each occurrence. It is easy to check for contractions by using the Find function and look for an
apostrophe. To be clear, I am not talking about the use of an apostrophe when using a possessive
case, but with contractions like: I’m, can’t, don’t, won’t, etc.

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