Please briefly read the assignment description attached and put attention to the journal
questions for animal subjects on page 5. There is two assignment listed, that describe current
behavioral research and investigate processes reflecting
conditioning models. At this time we are only doing the Research Analysis Assignment on “animal-based study”. If you give me a good paper
on this first one, I will like to find a way to give you the next assignment that is due May 4 about the
human participant’s study.
If you complete the assignment and the study that you use is not about behavioral conditioning
phenomena, It will be a complete disaster.
Just because a study uses the terms “condition” or “learning,” it might not be incorporating the behavioral models, attached is a study guide “Powell Chapter 3” so you can see definitions among other
The article should not be a review or commentary, it should be primary source material only, attached is a description of a primary source, please use our online library to find the source. We are not using the book, don’t worry the professors prefer to be
focused on the source. YES is just one “GOOD Source”, same that you have to send me as soon as
possible so I can evaluate it. Please send me a draft before March 8.
This assignment is not for a beginner about behavioral, learning models, and conditioning
models. if you are not willing to do it, don’t waste my time, and be honest I will appreciate it.

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