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The introductory section should include an introductory hook, a clearly stated research question, a thesis
statement (or what your main argument will be) and an indication of the key points or
subtopics that will be addressed in the paper (often called a ‘roadmap’ to the paper).
In the main body of the paper, you should sequentially develop your main points
providing evidence throughout from the books and academic articles you have read on
your topic. Each major topic should be a separate paragraph and all information in that
paragraph should clearly link to the topic. You should ensure you use evidence (from
your sources) with corresponding in-text citations each time you make a claim to ensure
you are providing support for the claim – without reference to scholarly sources, even
evidence-based arguments can appear as personal beliefs or judgement claims.
Your paper should end with a strong conclusion that restates your main points and ties
up your argument. New ideas or topics should not be introduced in your conclusion. The
conclusion is where you synthesize the main claims you made throughout the paper to
show the reader how you have demonstrated your thesis or central argument.

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