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The purpose of this research-based essay is to connect the personal to the historical, social, cultural and political while also grappling with how those factors impact the lives of others. For this assignment, you are given 3 guiding prompts to structure your arguments.
List any course relevant events, birthdays, deaths etc that occurred on the same day you were born throughout history. Go back as far as you can.
Choose one of those listed instances and discuss how it might have impacted your life.
Imagine how those same listed occurrences you’ve mentioned in #2 might have impacted someone from an entirely different racial category.
While you can draw on course materials, the bulk of the information on the topic will come from own your research of journal articles, scholarly books, websites, etc to respond to these prompts. One of the main goals of this paper is to have you conduct your own research – An important skill at this upper level of undergraduate study. Please be sure to cite your sources following APA guidelines with in-text citations and include a page number in all cases.
my birthday is on Dec 1, 1998

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