*(The Subtopic should mainly focus on how the fear of failure and success may affect a person’s motivation.)
Write and submit a research paper in the style and format of the American Psychological Association (APA) that covers a topic related to human motivation. The project begins with a specific, course-related question that speaks to the application of psychology in Human Motivation. The question may be related to topics discussed during the course. You should use course topics as a springboard to develop your question. This paper should draw heavily from the professional literature (e.g., books and professional journals) in both psychology. Papers should be 7-10 pages long.
(Understanding Motivation and Emotion by John Marshall Reeve (7th edition) ISBN: 978-1-119- 36760-4)
Can you please use the book above, you can find it online please(must be included) I’ll give you the website if needed.

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