Think of topics or areas of concern which do you want to study about (future dissertation consideration)
Examples (Do not use these examples as your own. Create/develop your own):
1. School Finance Governance and Institutional Excellence of Selected Public Schools in Hunan Province
2. Challenges, Issues, and Concerns on Quality Education of Indigenous Peoples of Eastern China Provinces
3. School Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Accreditation of Category A Schools towards Global Education
4. Technology and Innovation in School Management: Principles, Policies, and Practices for Effective Organizations
Background of the Study
(Write at most three paragraphs introducing and explaining the chosen topic)
Research aims
(Why do you want to study this? Give at least two reasons for each title)
Statement of the Problem
(what are the specific questions you would like to be answered? Create at least four questions with one or two statistical questions)
Significance of the study
(Identify at least three groups or individuals that will benefit from your study. Discuss how will they be benefitting from the research. Example: School Administrators, Teachers, Students, Future Researchers, etc.)
Sampling Method that will be used (Identify and explain why the sampling method you have choses is suited to your title or study)
Research Locale (Identify the schools where you will conduct your study)

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