This assignment requires you to compile a portfolio of academic reading on the subject of innovation
and provide comparative and critical comment while assessing the external
environment in terms of innovative competition ahead.
Research, analyse and provide recommendations for organisations facing innovative competition in their external environment.
Using organisational examples, outline the predicted innovations ahead in that
field and comment on any necessary strategic realignment. Choose a minimum of
four key academic journal papers on Innovation to
directly compare and critique and use this pivotal portfolio with other
supporting journals and sources to extract observations on innovation for
organisational use.
Criteria for Assessment
Write a 2000-word report which addresses the brief above and the following marking criteria/structure:
1. Introduction and context (10%)
2. Apply research skills to examine and
analyse the literature appropriate to the issues (30%)
3. Discuss the implications of the analysis,
supported by practical examples (35%)
4. Frame appropriate conclusions and
recommendations based upon the research, analysis and understanding of the
assignment. (15%)
5. Presentation and academic referencing.
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes –
1,3,6,7 and 8.
1. Evaluate the reasons for change within organisations
3. Critically analyse the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful change and apply effective change management strategies
6. Identify an opportunity for innovation and improvement in workplace organisations and explain the rationale for this choice in the context of organisational objectives
7. Develop an understanding of the concepts of creativity and innovation and the conditions required to encourage them.
8. Critically evaluate principles and practices associated with managing creativity and innovation.

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