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This research paper order is of ‘4 ASSIGNMENTS’
1) Introduction Section Draft – due March 23
2) Methods Section Draft – due March 30
3) Results Section Draft – April 11
4) Discussion Section Draft – Apr 20
******* 5) Final Paper (All toghther)************ Final deadline May 6*********************
I will keep uploading the instruction every week and feedback , for the assiignment comingup ,
Assignment is to produce a draft of your introduction section. The introduction section should be
between 2-3 pages, double-spaced. Please refer to our lectures for instructions on how to write an
introduction section. You may also find it useful to see how the introduction section is written in other
scientific papers. You should use APA formatting for this assignment; feel free to use the APA Sample
Paper on Blackboard as a template. You must include at least five citations (these can be from
Assignment #3). This assignment is worth three (3) points. Your introduction section will be graded as
● The purpose and importance of the study is clearly identified (1 point)
● Existing literature on the subject is reviewed thoroughly and accurately, with citations (1 point)
● The research question and hypothesis are stated concretely and concisely, with definitions for
each variable (1 point)
Please write this assignment in APA formatting

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