Watch one from the List of documentaries
1. Out of mind, out of sight
2. Through a blue lens
3. Struggle for control: child and youth behavior disorders
4. OCD: The war inside
5. Fighting their fears: child and youth anxiety
Reflect on the video or documentary watched and provide answers to the
questions below.
The research portion of the assignment
• Identify the population affected
• What is the mental health concern depicted in the video/documentary
• Explain why you chose this particular issue/topic and how it directly
relates to the population
• Research and describe two mental health interventions that could be
relevant to this issue and population
Reflect on the video/documentary that you watched and answer the following questions:
• What was your initial reaction to the video/documentary?
• Describe how the documentary or video made you feel about the
population depicted.
• What knowledge did you gain from the video or documentary?
• How will this help you in your future nursing practice?
This reflection assignment should be a maximum of four double-spaced pages, excluding the title page and reference pages.
You should include at least three current references in your reflection
Paper must be completed using APA format (7th edition).

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