Write a 3 page essay on ONE of the following topics for the book Frankenstein.
Frankenstein – Theme Ideas
Nature vs Nurture
According to Shelley in the novel, what creates a “good” or “bad” person? What do you think? Is there a better argument for “nature” or “nurture”?
How has “nature vs. nurture” played out in the real world?
Nature Nurture video
Why all these comparisons to Satan? What is Satan? Is there a real devil, lurking beneath the Earth, ready to punish human sinners? Or, does Shelley see the God/Satan struggle as more figurative? And what’s she trying to say?
Fire and other symbols
What might fire mean in the novel as a literary symbol? Analyze scenes it shows up. Is there a thread running through the presence of fire?
What about other symbols??
The women all seem to get the short end of the stick in this novel. Why is that? Why would a female writer create such submissive and vulnerable female characters? What might she be commenting on?
Character archetypes
Is Victor an antihero? Is the monster one? What is an antihero?
Was Victor Frankenstein the first “mad scientist”? How does his legacy live on?
Are monsters usually characters? Or just malevolent forces? Did Frankenstein give us the blueprint for a sentient monster?
What can we learn from Frankenstein? Are there any scientific advancements that should have heeded Shelley’s warning? Should we, or someone in our world, heed this warning right now?
Romanticism then
Study the movement – how did it start, what became of it’s writers, artists, and followers?
Gothic horror
What is this genre? Where did it come from and what does it include? How did Frankenstein fit the bill? What became of it?
Romanticism now
Is Romanticism still alive? Did it see a resurgence? Was it the 60s? The 90s? Will it ever see a resurgence? Why?
Frankenstein’s influence
This can take many forms. Frankenstein films, Frankenstein lore, where has the monster shown up?
Feel free to dive into even one single adaptation. Explain its significance, it’s purpose, your reaction, etc
Why do we still read this book?
How did it influence sci-fi? Horror?
Where has Frankenstein shown up outside of horror and sci-fi? Why is the monster such a well-known figure?
Mary Shelley
How was her life profiled in the novel? What might she be saying about herself? Who was she before and after this novel?

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