Write a Reflective Journal about your personal experiences of leading and/or following leaders (e.g. at work, school, university, in clubs, other groups, with family etc). Use relevant leadership concepts from academic articles, lectures, or books. Include: a brief introduction, a concise explanation of key concepts, consistent reflection and critical analysis of leadership evidence from your experiences, and a short conclusion. Emphasise essay structure, key concepts, and core themes. Cite and reference sources accurately.
In the “Introduction” section or paragraph, you need to say or signpost the topics, concepts, experiences you will talk about in the rest of the journal.
Then, in the later paragraphs and sections you should explain your chosen core concepts (briefly, not too heavy on the word count for this), describe your experiences, then analyse the experiences and reflect on them using the concepts chosen. I think 2 or 3 experiences is enough, from the same or different leadership settings.
The structuret I would recommend you have a very short introduction saying what leadership concepts and leadership experiences you will talk about in the journal. I would also have a Conclusion that does the same, and signposts any key results of your reflection and analysis. Also, clearly signpost the topics for each paragraph e.g. “In this paragraph, I will discuss my part-time work at Tescos, and how my manager was very fair to staff, but also very stressed, using ideas about ethical leadership.”

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