You are to post your image here along with important information in regard to the image.
Your post should contain information about the artwork in regard to both Stylistic and Contextual Influences.
Stylistic Influences and Contextual Influences: Document stylistic influences on your artwork. You must describe the aspects of the works that are similar, show influences and explain how the influence came about (post examples). All references must be documented. Contextual Influences: You must document how the work was influenced by the major events of their time. It is helpful to discuss how the influence came about if that can be discovered. For example 20th century art was dramatically changed due to both World War I and World War II. Artist in America were effect by this and it can be seen in their art. You must demonstrate these connections.
Comment on at least 3 of your class mates posts, move the discussion forward, consider asking questions or offer your opinion on the art work. Reference the Vocabulary document (in week one in the weekly units) on The Elements of Art and The Principles of Art. This vocabulary should be helpful when discussing artworks.

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