1. Write
a. INTRODUCTION (a statement of the purpose of the paper and what will be covered)
b. A SUMMARY of the book: What is the book’s purpose, how is the subject covered, and what are the key points in the book. Give sufficient details of the book so that the reader has a fairly complete understanding of the book before you complete the following section.
c. DISCUSS THREE THINGS you learned from reading the book that you did not previously know about management. Explain each one in some detail with examples; discuss why each one is important to know or be aware of as a manager; how will each one help you be a better manager?
d. A SUMMARY of the paper- a brief (one or two paragraphs) summary restating the book’s essence, key learning points, and their importance.
The paper should have a cover page and an abstract. This paper does not require additional outside references except for a reference page for the book reviewed.
Submit the paper as an Assignment in Blackboard by the due date. Use Microsoft Word or PDF document format only.
1. Myths of Management-What People get Wrong about Being the Boss, by Stefan Stern and Cary Cooper.
This book provides a way for students to bridge the gap between management theory and what works in the real world. It shows how anyone can be successful and avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls that both managers and employees encounter in the work environment. The book provides information that can lead to less stress in the work environment, more job satisfaction, and higher accomplishments.

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