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3. Submit for approval your topic idea and the tentative category ideas that you have. For example, as I mentioned earlier, I have a rabbit collection, so that would be my topic and my tentative categories would be “My Out All Year Round Rabbits,” “My Holiday Rabbits,” and “My Stuffed Rabbits.” The five-paragraph essay works well for this assignment, but you are not limited to just three categories. Consider the word count and what you will be able to develop effectively in the main paragraphs.
Possible collection topics include anything that you or your family has that makes up a fairly sizable collection and that can be put into various categories. Some possible topics include:
CD’s, albums, or however you store music in your music library
Holiday decorations or ornaments
Knick knacks
Social media users that are on some form of social media that you view
Things in a junk drawer or closet or on shelves
Sports, vacation, concert, or event memorabilia
Classification Essays:
When you write a classification essay in ENGL 1010, you will have a topic that you break into categories.
Your thesis can list the categories, but remember that a thesis always needs to be arguable.
The categories need to be original. When you write, you always want to say something new and fresh.
The categories need to be mutually exclusive. This means that what is found in one category is not found in another.
For ENGL 1010, each main paragraph of your essay will be about one category. Define the category, or in other words, explain what you mean by the category’s name. Then give specific examples that fit in the category and describe them. However, if you have many items that fit into a category, don’t just list all of them. Instead, give examples and descriptions of a few items so that the reader has a clear understanding of the point of the paragraph.

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