Choose ONE of the following strategic decisions made by these high-profile companies for your analysis:
“Walmart drone delivery has started tests, dropping orders from the sky in 30 minutes.” (Fast Company, 18 Nov 2021) [Is this strategy going to create a competitive advantage for Walmart?]
“Toyota says all Europe sales will be zero-emission cars by 2035.” (Reuters, 3 Dec 2021) [Should Toyota produce only zero-emission cars for Western Europe by 2035?]
“Discovery in talks with BT Sport to hijack sale to DAZN.” (Financial Times, 3 Dec 2021) [Your company would be BT and the strategic decision would be the joint venture with Discovery.]
“Amazon opens two more till-free Fresh grocery stores in London. Why?” (Evening Standard, 9 December 2021) [The decision is whether Amazon should pursue the opening of more bricks and mortar grocery stores]
“BA owner IAG to scrap plan to buy Spanish carrier Air Europa.” (Guardian, 15 December
2021) [Your company would be IAG and the strategic decision would be whether to terminate the merger with Air Europa.]

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