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h Socialization is an important part of acquiring a sense of self and acceptance into a social context. For this activity, use a sociological lens to examine a time when you or someone you know was socialized into a specific social role or context. Consider contexts such as starting a new school or job, and factors that affect integration into that context such as race, gender, and sexual orientation.
In a 2- to 5-minute video, use one or two major concepts and theories, and appropriate terminology from the text, to explore the socialization process for the individual and the wider societal implications of that individual’s experience. Be sure to (1) explain and apply each concept, theory, and term presented and (2) analyze the role socialization plays in the individual integrating–or choosing not to integrate–in certain ways. You must include visual aids (e.g., you can display a diagram as you give your explanation), but you are not required to appear in the video.
I do not need a video, just a written response. Benokraitis SOC6 is the book

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