In 200-250 words, answer the prompt. This assignment will be graded on a 10-point scale: 10 (A), 5 (C), or 0 (F). When completing this assignment, you are encouraged to think outside the box and provide details from beyond the text (e.g., personal experiences, outside sources, etc.), but using Herrick is a requirement when necessary.
You will receive the full 10 points for answering the questions completely in depth and creatively, you will receive 5 points for partially answering the questions, scarcely, and not critically and you will receive 0 points for not answering the questions at all or not putting forth any effort.
I expect you to construct a thesis with which you will lead your short essay. For example, “In his speech to rhetoric students, Soto often appealed to his credibility as a freelance writer to demonstrate his knowledge of effective communication.”
Select one of the speech excerpts viewed in class today and relate the speech to at least TWO (2) elements of either:
(a) 5 canons of rhetoric
(b) figures of speech: metaphors, repetition and reversal of words, hyperbole/exaggeration, anecdote, etc. (for list of rhetorical devices, go here:
Do not share your political opinions. You will analyze, not judge.
The excerpts can be found here:
Johnnie Cochran closing statement(American Crime Story-The People Vs O.J Simpson)
Michelle Obama’s DNC speech: Key moments
Thatcher’s Last Stand Against Socialism
Justin Timberlake – Berklee College of Music Commencement Address 2019
Watch Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech
Watch Donald Trump’s inaugural address
Joaquin Phoenix Deliver EMOTIONAL Best Actor Speech | Oscars 2020

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