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In our current unit, we are discussing common grammar/punctuation errors like sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices. In **** “Why Grammar Snobbery Has No Place in the Movement,” Melissa A. Fabello argues the fine line between the issues of understanding and demanding grammar, between “appreciating language and being a snob.”
Enter into the debate yourselves by providing your own opinion on whether or not correct grammar is always necessary. Consider the following questions as you construct your post: Do you feel that grammar is a reflection of intelligence? Could “bad” grammar possibly be a reflection of something else? (Discuss one of the intersecting privileges that Fabello argues reinforces our concept of “correct” grammar.) How do you feel when you notice improper grammar when someone is speaking and/or writing? Conversely, how do you feel when someone corrects your grammar? Are you appreciative, annoyed, etc? Do you feel that we should always practice good grammar, or do you believe that grammar is conditional and should only be heeded in certain scenarios? In other words, is it permissible to use “improper” grammar with friends or family and not permissible to use in school, on the job, etc?
As always, make sure that your response is thorough, providing specific details and examples to reinforce your points (this also means providing quotations from Fabello’s article when appropriate). Also, be sure that your post meets the required 150 word count minimum.

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