Instructions: For this assignment, you are writing a concept paper that explores a specific aspect of a specific domain of development within a specific lifespan. The paper should be between 2 1/2 to no more than 4 pages. Remember you are writing a brief concept paper, not a long research paper. View the rubric to learn how you will be evaluated.
You should choose an age span and domain of development you are interested in exploring and learning more about. For example, infants and socioemotional development.
Decide on a theorist such as Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development. Research what the theorist has to say about the age span you picked. Identify key characteristics of the theory and how they relate to infancy.
Next, narrow down the domain to a specific aspect of development. For example. I am interested in attachment between the infant and his/her/their mother or primary caregiver and how it positively or negatively (your choice) impacts socioemotional development.
Think about what characteristics the infant might exhibit depending on the attachment. Now you have a general topic – an infant’s attachment process to his/her/their mother or primary caregiver and the effects on development.
Next explore the research in order to narrow the topic even further – first read about the subject in your textbook. If possible, use some of the research cited in the textbook for your paper.. conducting a search for information on the topic. You can use the URI library data base search function to do so. Decide what about an infant’s attachment to his/her/their mother or primary caregiver interests you. Perhaps, you are interested and read about infant’s who are hospitalized for long periods and how attachment may be affected. OR How culture influences and infant’s attachment to one’s father or mother.
Citing from web sources. You need to use four sources, one of which should be your textbook. Two sources must be peer reviewed academic articles. One other source can be from a professional organization for professionals that work with your age group. NAEYC for preschool ages 3-8 is a great source of information. You cannot use websites such as simplypsychology or verywell mind. If you wish to cite a parent centered website it should be a cite by professionals who work with your age span. Zero to Three or Incredible Years. All other sites must be approved by your professor.
Write an outline of your paper and bring it to class on the designated day. Receive comments.
Write the paper – an introduction, provide two or three main points about Erikson’s view on infant attachment and what ever topic you chose and a conclusion. Be sure to review and follow the rubric.
Papers are to be typed as word docs, stapled, and brought to class on the day they are due. Papers lose 10% each day it is late. For example, 0-24 hours late you lose 2 points, 24-48 hours late, you lose 20% of 20 points, etc.
Santrock, J. (2021). Life-Span Development (Eighteenth Edition, pp. 179–186) [Review of Life-Span Development]. McGraw-Hill LLC.
In-text citation: (Santrock, 2021, pp. 179–186)

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