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Explain what information you propose to collect.
Provide the reasons for collecting this information.
Describe how could this information be used to validate or improve the quality of care at your facility.
Data Collection Plan
Propose an implementation plan and detail the information you plan to collect at your facility, including where and how it will be collected:
Specify the following:
The time period you propose to review.
The system applications you will use to collect the health information.
Write a narrative, create a timeline, build a flowchart, or use any other method of your choosing to demonstrate the flow of health record information through the information life cycle from creation to destruction. Identify those sections within the life cycle from which you will retrieve information.
Explain the use of information from an HIE and describe how it may affect patient care, clinical knowledge, and population health data.
Detail the personnel required to complete the health information review, including their needed skills and required training and job aids.
Describe strategies that will be employed to help personnel implement the review study.
Data Security Plan
Plan measures to protect PHI.
Apply laws governing health information confidentiality, privacy, and security.
Plan for the impact of HIPAA on health care personnel, policies, and procedures.
Benchmarking Plan
Identify the sources of national data and quality measures.
Describe how you will use the national data and quality measures as benchmarks to compare with data from your facility.
Explain how you will ensure data standardization, along with any other factors you need to take into account, so the data from these sources is compatible with the data you plan to collect.
Explain how the collected data will be compared to the benchmarking and quality standards.

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