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Working with scripts (Question 1):
You should enter your MATLAB commands in the ‘Script’ box, exactly as you would enter them in Matlab. When you are ready to run your code, press ‘Run Script’ – any output or error messages will appear in the ‘Output’ box. You can amend your script and run it as many times as you like. Once you are happy that your code is correct, press the ‘Submit’ button to submit your work for assessment. You can only do this once, so make sure you have checked everything carefully before you press this button!
Working with functions (Questions 2–4):
Questions 2–4 all require writing MATLAB function files. Each question tells you the name of the function you need to create, and what the names of any inputs/outputs should be. You should not change any of these names, noting in particular that MATLAB is case sensitive. The basic function definitions are already provided for you in the ‘Function’ box – you need to complete the rest of the function here. Below this, the ‘Code to call your function’ box gives some examples of the instructions you would type in the MATLAB Command Window in order to run your function. You can enter any commands you wish here in order to test your code – there are no marks for this explicitly, but you are strongly advised to do so in order to make sure that your code works. You can press ‘Run Function’ as many times as you like, to see the output as above. Once you are satisfied that your code has been fully tested and works, you should press the ‘Submit’ button to submit your work for assessment. You can only do this once per question.
Laying out your code
There are no explicit marks for presentation of code in this assessment, but

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