This order has an individual proposal (400 words) and a final assignment (2300 words). The proposal has to submit before March 25th, and after the professor’s feedback, start to write the final assignment and finish before May 5th. So this order would be paid all after final assignment.
Write a 2300 words individual report on a brand of your choice, assessing the effectiveness and integration of the Marcom tools adopted in one campaign produced by the brand. The report should evaluate how integrated marketing communication contributes to enhance brand equity, examine the academic theory in critically assessing the effectiveness of the brand-related marketing, and evaluate the integration of the Marcom mix. This will lead you to provide some managerial recommendations to improve the campaign.
To test your ideas for the final assignment, you have to write a 500 words proposal in which you identify which brand, which campaign and which Marcom mix you will be evaluating, while already suggesting at least three key academic resources that could support your analysis.
Your final report should address the following topics:
You should address the following structure
@Theoretical introduction – what is the role of IMC in relation to brand management. Present literature on the role of brands and on how IMC contributes to brand equity
@ Outline of the brand – what is their positioning in the industry? What is their target market? What are the main competitors?
@ Identifying the campaign – What is the IMC campaign you are analysing and what do you believe are the communications objectives -increasing brand identity, launching a new product, etc.
@ IMC components – what is the Marcom mix analysed? Present some literature on the Marcom tools.
@ Evaluation of integration and effectiveness -how would you evaluate this campaign? Use the literature on Marcom tools and brand management to support the assessment.
@ Recommendations- what would you advice to improve/extend this campaign?
***Please note that you are not compelled to use the same brand/sector in your report that you used in your proposal. You should ensure that you carefully proofread your completed work in order to eliminate careless errors. Credit will be given for clarity of expression and evidence of research (e.g. accessing relevant current material from Marketing/Business academic journals). Each student will get
written feedback on the individual proposal, as well as peer to peer summative feedback.

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