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Your first draft will be 5-7 pages (1,000-1,800 words) in length (double-spaced) with a references page containing full citations to at least five peer-reviewed or academic sources
Do research on how Latinx/e culture impacts gender roles by
interviewing either women and men who grew up in Latinx/e families. How are women and men, girls and
boys treated similar or differently in Latinx/e culture? What behaviors are acceptable to each gender? Are
Hispanic gender roles similar or different to other ethnic-minority groups in the U.S.? Are there similarities
and differences according to country of origin? Or are all Latinx/e groups similar regarding the expectations
they have for members of each gender? Identify three trends and analyze them in your paper.
I need it to be not plagerisim at all because I will submit it to a platform that will check if I copy something.

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