Review this video The Performance Appraisal Zone (This video lasts approximately 7.5 minutes). This video shows an example of a correct and incorrect appraisal. Keeping in mind the lessons learned this week and the video you just watched, take this opportunity to apply your knowledge of performance appraisal to the employment setting. Discuss methods that a supervisor might use to evaluate an employee’s performance in the workplace. If you are currently a fulltime student who does not have a supervisor, then you may replace supervisor with instructor for purpose of this paper.This paper should be in APA format and be between 750-1000 words.
Brainstorm methods that a supervisor might use to evaluate performance. Choose three methods that they feel are most appropriate and include these in your response paper.
Evaluate each of the three methods you chose in terms of its potential usefulness. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each method in relation to the traditional system being used. Deficiencies and shortcomings exist in all evaluation methods and you may think in terms of what aspects of performance will be captured for each method and how accurately the supervisor can evaluate the employee on these aspects of performance.
Discuss and respond to these questions about your evaluation of the methods you have chosen:
Do you feel that performance appraisals are important? Why? Why not?
What is the traditional system being used and how can be improved?
What barriers might exist to the adoption of one of the new methods you developed?
What limitations characterize the traditional system? Do any of your methods overcome these limitations?
At your job (or school if not employed), do workers/staff evaluate supervisors (or students evaluate instructors)? If so, how might the current method be improved?
Does 360-degree feedback have any relevance on the job (in the classroom)?

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