Part 1
Using the “Grade 1 English Language Arts Lesson Plan”, complete the lesson plan by developing instructional activities that align with the given objective and differentiate each activity for students of all developmental levels (below grade level, at grade level, and above grade level).
Part 2
Write a 500-750 word rationale and reflection on developing instruction.
Include the following:
Explain how your instructional choices in the lesson plan meet the needs of all students and reflect on students’ levels of readiness for learning, based on the pre-assessment data.
Describe the purpose and benefits of having specialized experts (e.g., special education teachers, instructional coaches) collaborate with teachers to develop lesson plans specific to the students in their classes.
Explain how you will use this information and experience in your future professional practice.
Cite 3-5 peer-reviewed articles as research that support your choices.
I have added a completed assignment as an example
Please follow the rubric to complete it correctly

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