How is our public life influenced by emerging media? Can new media create a new “public sphere”? Is the digital sphere a better “public sphere”? Many theorists have been critical of the ‘old’ mass media, which were seen as unable to promote free and plural societal communication. The advent of the internet, in contrast, gave rise to hopes that it would make previously marginalized communities and arguments more visible to a broader public.
This assignment asks you to reflect on these topics by analyzing the impacts that new media technologies have had on how our public sphere operates. For this assignment, choose one form of digital media (social media, search engines, digital news feeds, RSS feeds, digital open-access content, etc), and thoroughly answer the following questions:
What impact do you think this form of digital media has had on the public sphere? How has it changed the way people come together to discuss societal issues and influence political action? Provide specific examples, and cite your weekly readings, where appropriate, to support your points.
Do you feel the impact this form of digital media is having on the public sphere is positive or negative? Why? Be specific and cite your weekly readings, where appropriate, to support your points.
Students have the option of submitting a combination of written text, images, video, or audio that allows them to fully explain and support their responses. Regardless of format, your assignment must include a References page in APA format that includes and outside sources included in your assignment.

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