I’ll need it by 10pm tonight, 4 pages APA 7th edition around 1200words.
For this essay, you must write from your lens as an RPN transitioning on the journey to RN practice. The application of scholarly evidence is used to critically analyze a health care issue or practice situation and must clearly support your perspective.
Your essay must integrate evidence-based nursing literature from the key course concepts (note: not every topic/concept will necessarily apply).
Only relevant CNO expectations of RN practice must be included.
4-5 pages, excluding title page and reference list (1200-1500 words) **MAX 1500 words**
double spaced, 12 font, standard margins
follows APA 7th edition style guidelines (see additional posted resources on the course menu)
minimum 5 scholarly references within past 5 years (excluding CNO)
minimum 8 in-text citations
May be written from the first-person

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